Stay informed and in control of your system’s performance with our advanced monitoring system. Our Solar Monitoring System provides real-time data and comprehensive insights, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your solar installation. Monitor energy production, track system performance, and ensure optimal operation with our user-friendly and intuitive monitoring platform.


Stay informed about your system’s performance with our intuitive mobile app. Get instant access to real-time data, view comprehensive reports, and receive proactive notifications, allowing you to optimize energy production and make informed decisions wherever you are.


Our computer-based monitoring platform offers a user-friendly interface for comprehensive system monitoring. Access real-time data, perform in-depth analytics, and gain valuable insights to optimize your system’s performance.
Local access to a device for easy setup via Bluetooth connection.
World-wide access for monitoring via the Internet.
Centralized control and Remote O&M.
Excellent management capability with real-time sites’ KPI data.

Eliminate your billing revenue

Visible real-time energy tendency

Track household generations & consumptions

Intelligent E-mobility charging control

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Why Choose Livoltek Monitoring?

Centralized management of multi-sites KPI Dashboard

Professional curve analysis

Remote control and upgrade devices, reduce your O&M costs

Big data statistics and analysis, offering efficient applications